Approved Locksmiths

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Our Locksmith Vetting Process

What does VETTED mean? Webster’s dictionary defines VETTING (or vetted) as: “making a careful and critical examination of (something)”. This means that ALL locksmiths that are listed on our site have been ‘check out’. Vetted!

To even be considered as an approved locksmith, you must meet the following requirements:

  1.  All inclusive pricing for the following services: - Car Lockouts - House Lockouts - Lock Re-key - Car Keys Origination or Duplication - Lock Replacement -This means you cannot advertise "Locksmith $15”. This is a scam (click here for details on this known scam) - If the price is $75 to open a car – you must state that it costs $75. -You cannot quote “Service call plus labor” over the phone, unless the price for ‘service call’ and ‘labor’ are SPECIFICALLY stated.
  2. Must answer phone with company name, not just ‘Locksmith’. If you answer the phone “Locksmith, how may I help you?”, you cannot qualify to be on our site. When a company answers their phone line in this manner, it is almost always a scam company. Click here for details.
  3. Business must be registered with ALL applicable local government agencies. At a minimum, this means your local Secretary of State’s office.
  4. Must be local. Office or shop must be in the same State that the work is actually being performed.
  5. Legal employment. The business and ALL of its employees must be legally qualified to work within the United States.
  6. Uniformed technicians. The company’s technicians must wear some sort of uniform. The name of your company must be present on at least one garment. A shirt/t-shirt is acceptable.
  7. Pre-printed receipts with your company’s name must be available. . Generic receipts are typically indicative of a dishonest locksmith company.
  8. Must be licensed. If you work in a state that requires special licensing to be a locksmith, then you must have a copy of that license on file with our office.

If you have a suggestion for other qualifications that we should demand, tell us about your ideas on our contact us page.