About HonestLocksmiths.org

Real Honest Locksmiths

This site was founded by locksmiths. Real locksmiths. Locksmiths who were tired of losing jobs to the scam companies who have used every trick known to man, just to get the initial call from a perspective costumer.

From the beginning, we understood that there were no professional and ethical standards of practice that were commonly accepted within our industry. We decided to make our own.

We do not pretend to be politically correct. We can’t afford to be. We cannot accomplish what we need to accomplish by being deferential. We have started this website to be as straight forward as possible. Make no mistake; this extremely unregulated locksmith industry is rampant with scams nationwide.

Educate the public and put the scammers out of business. That is what we, in time, hope to accomplish.


Our research shows that for every 10 locksmiths in a geographic area, a staggering 7.2 engage in unscrupulous business practices. These tactics include: Bait and switch, untrained technicians, tax evaders, illegal workers and of course, lies and deceptive business practices. These are just some of the methods employed by the MAJORITY of locksmiths across the country. We designed this site for the purposes of educating the public on what to look for in a reputable locksmith AND what to watch out for in a dishonest one.

The sad thing is that these dishonest business methods and practices work. Yes they WORK. People are scammed day after day, year after year. That’s why these companies are STILL in the locksmith business; 20 years and counting. The government (local and federal) has tried to shut down the worst of the worst, but they just resurface in another state just as fast as they disappeared. Nothing seems to stop them. And why would they stop? If you were a criminal would you stop conducting business if you could operate with impunity? Probably not. This is why HonestLocksmiths.org is here - to expose these horrible companies. If the public becomes educated – these unscrupulous companies will, eventually, leave. If the public knows the exact name and telephone numbers of these insipid locksmith companies, they will not use them. And, eventually the bad guys will pick up their marbles and go home. Maybe not today, maybe not this week, or even this year – but eventually they will be gone with your help.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to create a consumer portal for finding a reliable and honest locksmith service. We will achieve this by creating a list of approved locksmiths in every major city the United States. Through this website we will also educate the consumer on how to spot a scam and what to do when you actually encounter one. We want America to help us punish the unethical locksmiths and reward the honest ones.